Invest with Confidence

The Australian-based Professionals global brand has joined with Professionals Invest USA Network, its U.S. franchise to offer you, the investor, a safe portal to engage in the purchase of property located thoughout the United States for investment purposes

Why? The real estate investment sector is rapidly evolving worldwide with more investors – both international and domestic – acquiring real estate portfolios as a relatively safe hard asset. The United States represents a particularly attractive avenue for this class of investment activity.  Historically favorable factors such as  “bottom or near bottom of the market” prices on single family and multifamily dwellings are driving increased attention to this market.  Add to that extremely favorable currency values, increased demand for rental property by renters because of the US owner occupied housing contraction, and the relative safety and stability of the United States.  All in all, the U.S. represents an unprecedented opportunity for investors.

The Opportunity

This opportunity in the U.S. will not be news to many, however.  What is news is that Professionals Invest USA Network is in a unique position to bring safe and easy access to this opportunity here to you.

By creating the Professionals Invest USA Network, we are the first U.S. real estate franchisor to provide a vetted network of highly qualified investment property providers that offer investment opportunities in major cities across the United States. Each Investment Property Provider has been screened and they have each made the commitment to adhere to our stringent standards of full disclosure, operational ethics and integrity.  We have documented this commitment contractually, by having each Provider join Professionals Invest USA Network as a full franchise member.

About Us

What is a Professionals U.S. Investment Property Provider?  First they operate a specialized business in the investment property sector.  They each maintain a strong reputation in the investment and property management industries, and have historical data exemplifying a proven history of consistently yielding significant returns on investments for their customers.

To this network of Professionals U.S. Investment Property Providers we add a complete and user friendly process for addressing all of the procedural steps in being able to invest in the U.S. resources for out international buyers for obtaining the proper U.S. tax documents and credentials, entity formation, estate planning and bank accounts are available and ready to assist those that may need it.

Our Commitment

Our promise is to provide easy, transparent and safe access to real estate throughout the United States, so real estate brokers, agents and investors can leverage one of the greatest opportunities in history to build investment capital and economic security.

Welcome real estate Investors, Brokers and Agents!